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September 10, 2024

The time to drive change is now.

the challenge

Imagine a platform where you can collaborate with industry giants, shape innovative solutions, and gain unparalleled exposure in one of the most dynamic sectors of our time.

By participating in this challenge, you gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and a vast network of industry experts eager to champion your idea.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The real magic lies in the transformative impact your startup can have on the sustainable mobility landscape.

Whether it's streamlining supply chain routes, revolutionizing workforce management, powering the electrification of transportation, or diving into the world of quantum technology, this challenge is the gateway to groundbreaking solutions with real-world implications.

By joining us, you're leading the charge toward a greener, more efficient, and more connected world.

Don't just be a part of the future – be the force that shapes it.

Register today for CO.LAB and TennSMART’s inaugural Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge.


the problems

Problem #1: 
Smart Integration

In the supply chain and trucking industry, route optimization is compromised.

Regulatory constraints, such as Hours of Service (HOS) rules and regional weight/size limits, impose strict boundaries on route planning.

Traffic variations, unexpected vehicle maintenance, weather disruptions, and last-mile delivery hurdles in urban settings further compound the optimization dilemma.

The dynamic nature of demand, combined with a limited pool of available drivers and the intricacies of managing multimodal transport, adds layers of complexity.

Moreover, the lack of real-time visibility into fleet movements, combined with the challenges of integrating data across multiple carriers and supply chain partners, impedes effective decision-making.

The industry's need is clear: a comprehensive solution that leverages real-time data, advanced analytics, and AI to transcend these barriers, offering agility, transparency, and optimal efficiency in supply chain operations.

How can we architect smart and insightful integration solutions that empower the trucking sector to navigate and surmount these challenges effectively?

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

Problem #2: 
Workforce Optimization

In the transportation and logistics sector, organizations grapple with many challenges centered around workforce management.

The sector, faced with an aging workforce, must modernize recruitment strategies to bridge the skill gap and appeal to younger talent.

Training initiatives need constant evolution, accommodating rapid technological changes, while also instilling essential safety protocols.

Engagement and retention have become paramount, given the unique demands of the job—long hours, family separations, and perceived limited career advancement avenues.

As the industry leans into modern technologies for workforce management, resistance to change and data privacy concerns emerge.

The imperative is clear: The industry needs innovative, technology-driven solutions that holistically address recruitment, training, engagement, and the overall well-being of the workforce.

How can we architect modern methodologies and tools that prioritize both operational efficiency and the health and well-being of the workforce in the transportation and logistics domain?

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

Problem #3: 
Charging Infrastructure

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles presents a unique challenge to the existing electrical infrastructure.

As demand surges, the grid, predominantly designed for traditional energy consumption patterns, grapples with new peak periods, localized overloads, and an aging distribution system ill-equipped for the burgeoning EV landscape.

The incorporation of renewable energy, while environmentally pivotal, introduces its own set of challenges, from intermittency to scalability.

Smart charging, poised as a solution, demands advanced load balancing and real-time communication systems.

The potential rise in electricity costs, the maze of multiple charging standards, and the need for consumer education on charging habits cast shadows on the perceived cost savings and convenience of EV ownership.

As we stand at the crossroads of green transportation and infrastructural adequacy, the central question emerges:

How can we architect a robust, responsive, and consumer-friendly electrical infrastructure that not only supports the rapid growth of EVs but also ensures sustainable and efficient energy consumption for the future?

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

Problem #4: 
Quantum Connection

Imagine a world where quantum technology is at the core of ultra-secure communications, unprecedented computing power and sensing capabilities far more precise than any capabilities we’ve experienced to date.

What if product developers, innovators and entrepreneurs could use this technology to build the world’s next great applications?

Much like today’s “classical” systems were platforms for disruptive business models and life-enhancing tools such as e-commerce, social media, telemedicine and more, tomorrow’s quantum systems will usher in new opportunities for innovation and problem-solving that promise to make yet another positive impact on our collective quality of life.

But with new capabilities come new challenges. The power of quantum stems from the immense data capacity of a single quantum bit (or qubit) and our ability to share these qubits over a network.

Application developers need access to data visualization and analytics tools capable of handling the massive amount of data inherent to quantum technologies and networks.

The big question is: How do we develop a software suite to improve data analytics, data visualization, equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance associated with emerging quantum networks?

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

the rewards

Investment Opportunities

Discover an avenue for your startup to secure the funding it needs.

Connect with potential investors eager to support and accelerate your innovative journey.

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch ChallengeSustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

Pre-Accelerator Selection

Winners of the challenge will receive a unique opportunity to participate in TennSMART’s pre-accelerator program selection.

The program offers high-caliber mentorship, invaluable resources, and an extensive network, positioning your startup for exceptional growth and success.

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

World-Class Collaboration

Winners will receive the opportunity to pilot their solution alongside our corporate partners.

With testbeds that exist nowhere else on the planet backed by teams of world-class industry leaders, researchers, and our corporate partners, this reward is your launchpad for growth.

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge


Gain invaluable mentorship from our esteemed corporate partners, providing you with the guidance and expertise to navigate the sustainable mobility landscape and achieve your goals.

Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

our partners

the timeline

Application Window
May 22, 2024 – July 28, 2024
Discovery Call
June 12, 2024
Virtual Pitch Event
August 7, 2024
Finalists Announced
August 9, 2024
September 10, 2024
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